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This category is pretty philosophical. I will ramble on about my own art and not about art in general.

Entering Juried Photography Contests

Hello, everyone.  This article is for Lynne, who asked me about photography competitions the other day.  There is so much to be said about this topic, much of it not my own, so I will be directing you here and … Continue reading

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Kudos and Orbital Photos

I’m excited to report that my image, “Moody River,” was selected as a finalist in the 2011 Fine Art Photography Exhibit at the ArtSpace Gallery in Herndon, Virginia. The exhibit and reception are free to the public and I hope … Continue reading

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Removing Textures from Part of an Image

Hello, all. Here I am with the final segment of our texture series. First we’ll explore how to remove the texture from parts of a photograph. Then, I’ll give you links to some online resources on textures that you will find … Continue reading

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Adding a Texture to an Image

Welcome back to our discussion on texture. This time we are going to add a texture to a second image. Presumably you have TWO photos in hand, one a processed photo of choice and the second a texture. Here is … Continue reading

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Post-processing for Textures

Although you can process textures in your image editing software the same way you process any of your other images, there are certain techniques that may help enhance your texture photograph. Texture photos often require some basic clean up. You … Continue reading

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How to Photograph a Texture

Now that you’ve found those wonderful textures you’ll want to know how to capture the best possible image. Although, most of the principles of exposure and composition apply equally well to textures, here are some factors that you’ll want to … Continue reading

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Good day, good friends.  Reflections make excellent photographic subjects.  Sometimes, the reflection is included along with the subject; sometimes the reflection itself is the main subject of an image.  People photograph reflections in water, in windows, in chrome, in fact, … Continue reading

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Smoke Art

Sometimes you need to go off in strange and new directions to explore some creativity in your art.  Over the last couple of months I have experimented with “smoke art.”  What, do you ask, is smoke art???  Well, it’s capturing … Continue reading

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Artistic Filter Saves the Day

Good morning, dear friends.  I was going through my photos from our Great Lakes cruise.   One I particularly liked featured a house nestled in the woods, surrounded by trees in various stages of fall beauty.  The relative darkness of dawn and … Continue reading

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Kudos Monday

I am incredibly blessed this wonderful Monday morning.  Over the last week I received three favorable notifications from photo competitions I entered. © The first was conducted by Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR), where my “Moody River” shot took … Continue reading

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