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I am a photographer located on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland, where I live with my husband and my Yellow Lab, Sam.

Second Saturday Coming Up at the Race Street Gallery

Tomorrow is Second Saturday in Cambridge. Take the opportunity to watch the new High Heel Race, and then take the gallery walk. Be sure you stop by at the Race Street Gallery and take a look at the work I … Continue reading

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Now Showing at Race Street Gallery

I took this photo at the Schooner Festival held in Cambridge each year.  These are the jib sails of a schooner.  The color copy didn’t look too interesting to me and so I converted it to black and white, added … Continue reading

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Race Street Gallery January/Februrary 2012

This is a mirror image. That is, one image was copied, flipped and then added to the original. As you can see, this method can sometimes produce dramatic effects. I am pleased that this photo was selected as a NANPA … Continue reading

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Gallery Exhibits

In the days ahead I will be featuring thumbnails of the images I have on display at my two Cambridge galleries: the Race Street Gallery and the Main Street Gallery. I hope in this way to keep family, friends and … Continue reading

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An Adventure in Lensbaby-land

Sometimes producing a compelling photo is just plain frustrating.  Long ago I bought a Lensbaby, took a course from a guru, and just couldn’t get the hang of it.  Everything I produced looked like one big out of focus blob.  … Continue reading

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Entering Juried Photography Contests

Hello, everyone.  This article is for Lynne, who asked me about photography competitions the other day.  There is so much to be said about this topic, much of it not my own, so I will be directing you here and … Continue reading

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Kudos and Orbital Photos

I’m excited to report that my image, “Moody River,” was selected as a finalist in the 2011 Fine Art Photography Exhibit at the ArtSpace Gallery in Herndon, Virginia. The exhibit and reception are free to the public and I hope … Continue reading

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Removing Textures from Part of an Image

Hello, all. Here I am with the final segment of our texture series. First we’ll explore how to remove the texture from parts of a photograph. Then, I’ll give you links to some online resources on textures that you will find … Continue reading

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Adding a Texture to an Image

Welcome back to our discussion on texture. This time we are going to add a texture to a second image. Presumably you have TWO photos in hand, one a processed photo of choice and the second a texture. Here is … Continue reading

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Post-processing for Textures

Although you can process textures in your image editing software the same way you process any of your other images, there are certain techniques that may help enhance your texture photograph. Texture photos often require some basic clean up. You … Continue reading

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