About Fran


"Fran Saunders"

© 2009 Norm Saunders

There are two things in art that move me: those that touch my heart and those that excite my senses.  I am, therefore, drawn to images that show emotions and those that make me feel as if I’ve been touched.    On the one hand, I love to photograph human and animal expressions that reveal something about the way the subjects are feeling or thinking.  On the other, my images tend toward texture shots, those that show detail, surface patterns and depth.

It has taken me a long time to discover these inclinations.  Long ago, a psychology professor said I was a “touchy-feely” type person and surrounded myself with the sensations of different textures.   She thought that because I was severely hearing-impaired, my other senses, particularly my eyes and sense of touch were more meaningful to me.  Then, a couple of years ago, a visitor to my very first solo exhibition said, “It is true to say that you see beauty in simple things?”  And more recently, a fellow artist remarked on how she loved the detail in my images.  They say you should listen to your viewers, and how true that seems to me know.  After heading in a trillion different directions with my art, I am now settling into my personal style and hope to be doing more of this type of work in the future.

In my blog, I will share some of things I have learned during this journey, be they technical photographic elements or pieces of soul.  If you are at all interested in photography, you will want to come back often and check the latest.  I may not always amuse you, but I promise you will always learn something.

You can subscribe to my blog a number of ways: click the “follow this blog” on the networked blog graphic  on the main page; click the subscribe to this block link, also on the main page;  “like” the Fran Saunders Photography page on Facebook.   Also don’t forget to check my website now and then to see new additions to the collection.  You can get there quickly and easily by following this link:  http://www.fransaundersphotography.com.

Lastly, I welcome your comments and suggestions, and hope that you will share them with me and my readers.  You can contact me directly at fransaundersphotography@verizon.net.


6 Responses to About Fran

  1. Roni Lynn Cina says:

    The beauty your photographs capture reflects the beauty from within the photographer. The images are simply captivating.

  2. Oh, so good to hear from Roni and such a nice post. Glad you like the images!

  3. Debi Klein says:

    Fran, your photos are absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t have said it any better than Roni did above! Congrats on your inclusion in the forthcoming book.

  4. Chris Internicola says:

    Love the photo’s!

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