Second Saturday Coming Up at the Race Street Gallery

Decoy, Copyright 2010, Fran Saunders

Tomorrow is Second Saturday in Cambridge. Take the opportunity to watch the new High Heel Race, and then take the gallery walk. Be sure you stop by at the Race Street Gallery and take a look at the work I have displayed there. And don’t forget to stop by at the Main Street Gallery as well to hear my good friend Phyllis Jaffe talk about her stunningly creative fabric hangings.

The photo shown here, Decoy, was my attempt to create an old painting style in a photograph. The decoy is our own, positioned on the top of a night table. The texture was added separately in Photoshop, with one used for the decoy and another for the wall.


About Fran Saunders

I am a photographer located on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland, where I live with my husband and my Yellow Lab, Sam.
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