Reflections on a Hull

Reflections on a Hull, 8 x 12 inches
© 2010 Fran Saunders

Good day, good friends.  Reflections make excellent photographic subjects.  Sometimes, the reflection is included along with the subject; sometimes the reflection itself is the main subject of an image.  People photograph reflections in water, in windows, in chrome, in fact, in just about any reflective surface.  This is one time when you want to leave your polarizer behind.  Reflections on water are sometimes best in morning light, but I really think that this is one time when you need to experiment with various types of lighting depending upon your subject and time of day.  The image shown here was taken while I was sitting in our boat at it’s slip and noticed the water reflecting on our neighbor’s boat’s hull.  The patterns and muted colors attracted my attention and this was the result.  This is certainly an abstract photo, and not everyone’s cup of teas, but I am hoping that the lines and colors will make it interesting.  How many of you will agree?


About Fran Saunders

I am a photographer located on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland, where I live with my husband and my Yellow Lab, Sam.
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