An Inspiration

I am often asked where I get the inspiration for my photographs.  I feel like saying, “here, there, everywhere,” but that’s not very helpful, is it?  It’s actually true, though.  I think any artist has to develop the art of “seeing.”  I mean SEEING, looking at everything and anything around you, looking for unique and/or interesting subjects.  For instance, the other day I couldn’t believe my eyes when I happened upon a tree that had the most artfully colored leaves.  Each leaf was a little different from the next, but each pattern of decomposing orange/red to green was very striking.  I made a mental note to go back when I wasn’t walking the dog and returned the very hour.  It doesn’t pay to wait days to return to a good nature subject, since time moves quite swiftly at times and the colors/patterns you notices may quickly change to something not so very compelling.  So, leaf in hand I returned to the house, placed the leaf on a white background, took it outside in open side and shot off a block of images.  I was more than happy with the results, more thanks to nature than to me!  Let me know if you agree.

Beauty Leaf

Beauty Leaf, 8 x 8 inches
© 2010 Fran Saunders


About Fran Saunders

I am a photographer located on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland, where I live with my husband and my Yellow Lab, Sam.
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4 Responses to An Inspiration

  1. Brian Hart says:

    That’s an amazing photo. Was it a strawberry tree? (o:

  2. Barbara Suman says:

    Hi Fran I enjoyed your writings and your photos. You should keep this in book form
    and have it published. Your own views on photograpy is very enjoyable reading. Keep up the interesting commentary, you are good at writing and taking photos.

  3. Oh, thank you so much, Barbara. I am so glad you are enjoying it and appreciate that you took the time to let me know. See you soon!

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