New Image — A Blackwater Morn

Like many photographers I don’t often get a chance to process all my images immediately after I’ve taken them.  As a result, when I get some extra time I browse through my archives and am sometimes surprised to find a pleasing photo that didn’t catch my eye the first time around.  Such was the case with this one.  It was originally taken at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge near Cambridge, MD, during a Tidewater Camera Club photo outing in November 2009.  I had processed and printed several images from that trip, but I missed this one, a good reason to spend some time reviewing your archives now and then.  I like this photo for several reasons.  It gives me a very peaceful, happy with the world feeling, which mirrored my enjoying with being out with club members that day.  It is presented as it was taken, with only one exception:  I deepened the magenta streaks just a bit.  Does it stir your emotions as well?  If so, tell us how!

"A Blackwater Morn"

A Blackwater Morn, 8 x 12 inches
© 2009 Fran Saunders


About Fran Saunders

I am a photographer located on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland, where I live with my husband and my Yellow Lab, Sam.
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4 Responses to New Image — A Blackwater Morn

  1. john Barclay says:

    I love this image Fran. I”m partial to simple serene images and this fits the bill! Great!

    • Thanks, John! Means a lot coming from you. I go for the simple image myself, hopefully with some color, pattern or texture. Come by again! Look forward to seeing you at your Tidewater Camera Club presentation, if not before.

  2. Beautiful! It’s great to see your work displayed like this. Monika

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